Governor Signs Budget But Vetoes All Funding for Alzheimer’s Day Care Resource Centers

On October 8th the Legislature passed and the Governor signed the state budget that was due June 30th.  Not surprisingly, the Governor used his “blue pencil” authority to reduce some items beyond his agreement with Legislative leaders.  The line-item vetoes totaled $1 billion, but most of those did not impact services and programs on which families living with Alzheimer’s depend.

The one exception is the Governor once again totally eliminated all funding for the Alzheimer’s Day Care Resource Centers (ADCRCs). As a result of his elimination of funding last year, more than 20 centers have closed, and only 12 Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) report they are continuing some funding to 26 centers.  The Legislature had partially restored funds to $1.7 million, but with the Governor’s elimination of the restoration, the remaining 26 ADCRCs are now at even greater risk.

There were some significant gains made.  To read about those and other relevant budget details relating to those living with Alzheimer’s, please click here.

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