A massive grassroots outpouring of support is needed ASAP if we are to save Adult Day Health Care

Contact Governor Brown’s office by the end of the day Thursday, June 30th, at (916) 445-2841 and ask him to:

1. Sign AB 96
AB 96 authorizes the state to proceed with submission of a waiver application to CMS (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) for a reconfigured ADHC program “Keeping Adults Free from Institutions” (KAFI).  The only way to obtain a dollar for dollar federal match of state funding is to get ADHC authorized under a federal waiver.

2. Retain the $85 million appropriation in the budget
This was part of the March compromise to implement KAFI and keep some ADHC infrastructure in place to avoid the greater cost of nursing home admission, emergency room visits and hospital stays for our current ADHC population.

Background Information:
On Tuesday, June 28th the Legislature passed the budget bills with a Democratic majority vote.  The bills now head to Governow Brown, who is expected to sign them by midnight, June 30th.  Included in the budget bills is $85 million for partial restoration of ADHC centers; however, it is unclear where the Governor stands on this issue.

The Legislature will also send him AB 96 (Blumenfield), which directs the state to apply for a federal waiver for ADHC.  The Governor has not indicated whether or not he will veto funding for the redesigned version of ADHC.

Given these uncertainties, it is important we keep up the pressure on the Governor with calls.


  • ADHC is the only community AND medically-based long term support and service.
  • The Lewin Group estimated that elimination of ADHC would cost the state $53 million more than it saves.
  • In-Home Supportive Services cannot replace the skilled medical services, therapies and social work provided in ADHC.
  • The strain on the health care system to absorb 38,000 chronically-ill patients will result in higher medical costs across the system.
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