Governor Brown Releases May Revise

Governor Brown’s May Budget Revisions Again Target Critical Caregiver Services
On Monday, May 14th, Governor Brown released his revised budget for the upcoming year.  Commonly referred to as the May Revise, the Governor’s plan aims to close what is now projected to be a $15.7 billion budget deficit through additional cuts and temporary tax increases.  This figure has ballooned from $9.1 billion due to: inaccurate revenue forecasts, expenditure increases to mandated programs, and the blocking of prior budget cuts by the federal government and courts.

In order to meet the California Constitutional requirement of passing a balanced budget, the Governor has proposed $4.1 billion in additional spending cuts, including:

  •  A 7 percent across-the-board reduction to In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) hours, which would be in addition to the prior cut of 3.6 percent; and
  • Elimination of the IHSS Domestic and Related Services for beneficiaries in a shared living arrangement.

Additionally, the Governor’s budget is still premised on his original proposal to eliminate all funding for the Caregiver Resource Centers.  This proposal was previously rejected by the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees.

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