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Make Tax Time Count 

Did you know you contribute to Alzheimer’s research when you file your state income taxes? 

California law allows taxpayers to contribute money to one or multiple funds by checking a box on their state income tax return.  Contributions must be deducted from a person’s tax refund or added to the amount owed.  Contributions through the tax check-off may be claimed as charitable contributions on taxpayers' tax returns the following year.   

How to contribute  

  • When completing your state tax form 540, go down to line 401 where the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Research Fund is named.  

  • Indicate an amount, in $1 increments, that you’d like to contribute.  That amount will either be deducted from your refund or you will add it to the amount you owe when making your payment.  

When you file the following year, you will be able to count your contribution among those allowable for charitable causes.


  • The California Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Research Fund check-off first appeared on the 1987 California tax return. 

  • From 1988 - 2010, the fund has collected over $10.2 million. To view the FTB chart of donations, click here

  • Funds are distributed through grants awarded by the Director of the California Department of Public Health through a competitive process.  All awards are to scientists based at California public or private non-profit organizations.  

  • Contributions have funded 112 research studies on the cause, diagnosis, treatment, and care of Alzheimer’s and other dementia disorders. 

Click here to visit the Checkoff California website.

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