Alzheimer’s Research

Accelerating state and federal research funding will hasten the day we can delay the debilitating symptoms of Alzheimer’s. A delay of just five years could cut prevalence rates in half. Such a decline in the number of people living with Alzheimer’s would significantly reduce the cost to families, businesses and Medi-Cal and other publicly-funded programs.

Latest Research Findings
Visit the Alzheimer’s Association Research Center page to learn about research findings, current research, and clinical trials.

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Ways to Support Alzheimer’s Research

  • The Alzheimer’s Association is the largest private contributor to Alzheimer’s research. Send a memorial or other contribution to the Chapter nearest you.
  • Contribute to the California tax check-off fund for Alzheimer’s research - line 401 on State Income Tax Form 540 when you file your state income taxes.

California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers (CADCs)

In 1984 California established the Alzheimer’s Disease Program in the State Department of Public Health.  The program administers the California Alzheimer’s Disease Centers, which are located at California medical schools, and distributes tax payer contributions to the tax check-off fund for Alzheimer’s research.

The ten CADCs provide the following services to families, physicians and health professionals:

  • Comprehensive assessment of individuals with memory problems including medical, neurological, psychological and psychosocial evaluations.
  • Treatment planning, information and referral to community health and social services.
  • Support groups for patients and caregivers.
  • Training and education to healthcare professionals, students, caregivers and the general public.

Several of the CADCs are also designated as federal Alzheimer’s Disease Centers by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). In addition to the services listed above, these centers also conduct research in the areas of genetics, diagnosis, treatment intervention, behavioral management, and caregiving.

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California Priority Legislation
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Startling projections for Alzheimer's prevalence in California
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