State Plan Background

Alzheimer’s is now the 6th leading cause of death in California.  The number of Californians living with Alzheimer’s is expected to double by 2030, and the number of family caregivers will soar to 1.1 million.  (

In response, the Alzheimer’s Association and the California Health and Human Services Agency recognized California must have a plan to confront the enormous challenges ahead for families, businesses, government, and health and social service providers.  In 2008 the Legislature and Governor Schwarzenegger responded by enacting Senate Bill 491 (Alquist), calling on California to develop an Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan.

Under the leadership of the State Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee, a broad-based Task Force was appointed.  They engaged more than 2,500 individuals in plan development, including people living with the disease, under-represented communities, providers, family caregivers, researchers and educators.  This year-long effort was launched on World Alzheimer’s Day, September 21, 2009.

On March 9th, 2011, the Alzheimer’s Association released the California State Alzheimer’s Plan, providing the State with a 10-year public policy roadmap.  Below are materials outlining the development of the State Plan.

Overview of Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan Process (September 2010) – An up-to-date overview of the robust process of the full Task Force

SB 491 (Alquist) – Senator Alquist carries legislation calling on California to develop State Alzheimer’s Disease Plan

Foundation and Association Leaders Announce Grant to Support Statewide Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease – Newly funded collaborative effort seeks to prepare the State for the expected tripling of Californians living with Alzheimer’s disease

Elaine Alquist, Willie Brown and Kim Belshé Convene Purple Ribbon Panel, Task Force on Alzheimer’s – Group to determine state response to impending Alzheimer’s epidemic

State Alzheimer’s Disease Plan Purple Ribbon Panel – California policy, business, health and education leaders support development of State Plan

State Alzheimer’s Advisory Committee selects stakeholders for Task Force to develop a State Plan for Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan Digest (Vol. 1, Jan 2010) – California Takes Lead in Planning for Startling Rise in Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan Digest (Vol. 2, Mar 2010) – State Task Force Wants to Hear From People Living With Alzheimer’s Disease and Their Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Disease State Plan Digest (Vol. 3, June 2010) – Public Weighs in on California’s State Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease

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Startling projections for Alzheimer's prevalence in California
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